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The area has some excellent locations for a variety of purposes. Whether you're looking to organise a smashing event, a large-scale network meeting or an unforgettable conference; the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen area has it all.

Convention Bureau

There are countless reasons to organise an event for your company — energising people, informing them, boosting enthusiasm, networking, etc. On-location events are used a lot in the Netherlands and can take various shapes. The website helps you find all the opportunities available in the area. It lets you filter by location as well as by type of accommodation — historic, classic, intimate, or industrial —, making it easy to find the perfect spot for your conference, event, or meeting. 

We have already highlighted the 'pearls' of our area for you.

Locations in Arnhem

The city of Arnhem and its surrounding environment are highly diverse. You'll find beautiful rolling forest and heath landscapes, interchanged with a vast riverscape. Arnhem is in the middle of all this natural beauty. Arnhem and its environs are home to prime locations like Burgers' Zoo, the Netherlands Open Air Museum and National Sports Centre Papendal.

The cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen are less than 20 kilometres apart, making it easy to visit both during a single visit. The high-speed railway line ICE stops at the recently reopened Central Station of Arnhem, connecting the city to Germany and the Randstad. It's also easy to get to the city by car. From the west of the country, you can take the A12 motorway (Amsterdam/The Hague-Utrecht); from the north, the A50 passes through Arnhem. If you're journeying up from the south, the A2-A73 (Hasselt/Maastricht - Roermond), E34-A50 (Antwerpen/Eindhoven) and the A57 (Köln/Dusseldorf/Krefeld) are excellent options.

Weeze Airport can be reached in 50 minutes from Arnhem. Amsterdam Schiphol and Düsseldorf Airport are 1.5 hours away. The rivers Rhine and Waal meander their way through the heart of the region, so you could theoretically even use the waterways for your visit.

Moreover, there are countless high-quality locations in and around Arnhem that are perfect for business meetings. The fact that such meetings can be combined with a visit to the city's shops, restaurants and attractions is a wonderful added bonus.

Burgers’ Zoo

In the centre of Arnhem's modern zoo is a luxury business conference centre: the Safari Meeting Centre. It is suited to any type of business meeting. The five business lodges are equipped with every technical convenience you might need. The Auditorium has 450 seats and guarantees a great atmosphere, as well as comfort and a good view for every guest.

It's especially well-suited for seminars, workshops or meetings concerning leadership. The stylish depictions of animals all around will make it easy for you to tap into the natural leadership found in the animal kingdom. Click here for more information.

The Netherlands Open Air Museum

The Netherlands Open Air Museum is a beautiful museum park with a total surface area of no less than 44 hectares that's situated on the outskirts of Arnhem. It gives visitors a unique opportunity to explore Dutch history. Discover the museum's historic locations and its opportunities for an unforgettable meeting or event with up to 12,000 guests. 

The 450 square metres of the museum's new meeting facility, Loods Goeds, is enough for 400 persons during an event or conference. The space has a historical feel that's tied to industrial trades, but also integrates modernity. The high wooden ridge of the roof, the large window frames of black metal and the floor of cast concrete. Click here for more information.

National Sports Centre Papendal

Are you planning a conference or event that centres around fair play, perseverance, and strength? Sports Centre Papendal could be just the location for you. Papendal is hidden in the forests of the Veluwe region, near the outskirts of Arnhem. This wonderful location is highly dynamic and combines professional sports with business in a colourful way. Such a unique venue allows everyone to perform to the best of their ability.

Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find such a perfect meeting of business and sports as Papendal offers. Just like a professional athlete, you want to make the most of your opportunity. You want to enjoy success in everything you do. You want to perform and inspire others. Invite an athlete to share their experiences and give your meeting a dynamic sporting twist. Click here for more information.


Locations in Nijmegen

Nijmegen — with its Roman ruins from the days of Charlemagne — is not just the oldest city of the country but is also the Summer Capital of the Netherlands. The city forms the heart of Health Valley region. Health Valley is a network that stimulates technological innovation in healthcare; this also means that locations in the vicinity of Nijmegen have years of experience in organising health-related meetings. Attractions like the Sanadome and golf course Het Rijk van Nijmegen aren't just appealing to tourists; they are also great conference or meeting locations with countless options.

Fort Lent

A suitable location is an important factor for a successful business event. Fort Lent on the banks of the Waal has everything you might need for a beautifully executed company party or event. It has established a strong reputation as the perfect location for stylish, original events. "We can take care of everything that's needed, so that guests are completely catered for from the moment they enter to the moment they leave", says director Jordy Baumann. "Smaller groups from ten persons upwards can expect the same level of service as larger groups of up to 800 persons. We have various spaces, each allowing for a personalised atmosphere and customisable layout. Effective business meetings, inspiring presentations — it's all possible. We have approximately 1,000 square metres of conference space at our disposal. Our large roof terrace of approximately 250 square metres can also be used for activities. Moreover, Fort Lent has a large parking lot that allows guests to park their car free of charge. Our location is also easily accessible with public transport." Click here for more information.


Spa & Business Hotel Sanadome Nijmegen houses all its facilities under the same roof. It's a great choice for a single or multi-day business meeting in a wooded area. The luxury hotel rooms, culinary restaurants (incl. a private-dining restaurant), wonderful beauty & wellness and spa facilities offer the perfect options to combine business and relaxation.  Sanadome is an officially 'Certified Congress Agency', with the highest rating of 5 hammers. Sanadome has also received the European Ecolabel. Certified congress agencies offer excellent quality and belong to the top of their field. Click here for more information.


Belvédère was originally a simple tower of the city wall, which was given the name 'Hoendertoren' around 1511. The extensive cellars beneath the building are also from that time. Interesting fact: up to 1818, these were used for storing gunpowder. In this atmospheric location, Landmark offers companies all the options needed for a company party, luxury meeting or business reception. Belvédère caters to companies of between 10 and 200 persons. The historic tower can hold up to 80 persons. Belvédère has a large roofed terrace for up to 120 persons. Click here for more information.


Locations in Foodvalley

The Foodvalley region is renowned for its agri-food expertise, both in the Netherlands as well as internationally. Food technology forms the basis for the most important export of the Netherlands: agri-food products. An ever-increasing global population means that research and innovation surrounding food remain essential. These developments require the transfer and exchange of knowledge. Seminars, conferences, and symposia are important tools in that exchange. Convention Bureau Gelderland takes on a consulting and supporting role in organising these events. If you're working in the food sector, Gelderland is the ideal destination for your meeting.

Agri food and Foodvalley are intrinsically linked together. Within Foodvalley, Wageningen UR and other knowledge institutions have close partnerships with businesses. KennisAs Ede-Wageningen embodies the vast knowledge of the Foodvalley region. It's the ideal environment for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. The region is home to 30 conference centres and 1850 hotel beds. It's ideally suited for conferences, meetings, and inspirational tours. Innovative applications of acquired knowledge in businesses can usually be witnessed here first.

Are you interested in what locations can be found in the Foodvalley region? Find them here.