Mother’s Day in the Netherlands

Don’t you just love all the celebrations we’ve got going on in the months of April and May?

mother's day

mother's day

Doing your laundry, cleaning your room, putting a band-aid on your knee, preparing your sarnies at the crack of dawn before you go to school, always putting your needs before hers. Does this remind you of anyone in particular? Odds are that most people will immediately think of their mum, otherwise known as the central intelligence of the household. And, as it’s important to acknowledge all the effort your mum has put into raising you into the person you are today, it’s time to start lifting some of that load off her shoulders and onto yours. A lot of people enjoy starting the day by bringing her breakfast in bed. This is especially fun for younger children: they love being entrusted with an important task and will put a lot of effort into it. The breakfast is usually accompanied by a card or drawing that the children have made at school, days in advance.

However, if you don’t live at home anymore, getting to your mum in time for breakfast can be quite a challenge. That’s why most ‘adult’ Dutch children put their trust in the magic of coffee with apple pie and whipped cream. They visit their mothers around noon to enjoy coffee and cake and — as the Netherlands is famous for its flowers — usually present her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or treat her with chocolates. It’s common to write your mum a card, telling her how much she means to you.

If you feel like taking Mother’s Day to the next level, you could also invite your mother to a fun outing. Booking a ‘high tea’ at a cosy tea shop or going on a spa day are very popular treats nowadays. The most important thing is to choose something that the both of you enjoy sharing together. And remember, as long as you have put some genuine thought into it, your mum will love it regardless!