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Working as an expat in the Arnhem – Nijmegen region (NL)

Thanks to its favourable location and the attractive business climate, the region is home to many important branches of international businesses. Innovation is an important factor to success and within our region are ground-breaking companies, advanced universities and state-of-the-art hospitals. We do all we can to give international talent a warm welcome to our beautiful region. 


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Finding employment in a new country can be challenging for several reasons: you might not know where to start your search or be confronted with unknown subtleties in the application process or other cultural and linguistic differences. In the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Foodvalley area, we do all we can to create an environment that is welcoming and encouraging to international talent.

Piyush Sharma 'Right at home' Piyush is an electronics engineer who’s originally from India but has been working at NXP in Nijmegen for the past 4 years. You might think that it’s easy to get lost in a big organisation like NXP (with over 31,000 employees), but as a matter of fact Piyush feels right at home! Click on the video to learn why expat-friendly Nijmegen feels like a second home to him and how he combines his work with a whole range of other passions, such as cricket, salsa and even theatre.
Jochem Huygen 'Ride the wave that will end fossil fuels with HyMove!' HyMove engineers and produces hydrogen fuel cell systems for automotive applications at IPKW — the foremost hydrogen campus of the Netherlands. Jochem is proud of HyMove’s work and how they are breaking new ground with their international colleagues in the quest for cleaner energy.