Business opportunities in Gelderland

We harbour innovative companies, advanced universities, state-of-the-art hospitals, and hubs in the fields of food, health, and energy. The region is a true economic hot spot, and this means that there are plenty opportunities to do business, develop ground-breaking ideas and create lasting partnerships. Whether you're a game changer or want to get into an existing field, all the options are here. 

Opportunities in the area

Life is about growth, self-development, and continuous learning. Societal challenges that have an impact on our daily lives force us to make more conscious choices. How are we going to deal with climate change? How can we produce enough food for a growing global population? What can we do to make our health service even better?

We need to keep on innovating. That's the only way to ensure that we can spend more years in good health, realise the energy transition and produce food in a more sustainable way than ever before. In the Arnhem-Nijmegen conurbation and Foodvalley, we bring together international talent, companies, governmental agencies, and powerful innovations.   Our area offers a wide network of collaborating knowledge centres and businesses that focuses on creating a brighter future together, for you as well as your environment.

Food, health, and energy are essential parts of life. Our area has turned these 'life sources' into spearheads of our local economy.  We invite you to discover new avenues and contribute to solutions for an improved, healthier, and more meaningful life. Our extensive, international network contains the knowledge and expertise to motivate you into seeing new opportunities and can support you while you brave your next big step.

Arnhem, the Netherlands

Arnhem is the capital of our province, Gelderland, which has been named European Entrepreneurial Region of the year 2019. That says it all really. Arnhem is a natural hub within regional, national and international networks that are leading the way with innovations linked to smart power grids, energy storage and e-mobility. With the Arnhems Buiten Energy Business Park and Kleefse Waard Industrial Park (IPKW), Arnhem boasts two dynamic business parks that offer plenty of scope for innovations in the areas of new energy and sustainability. More information about these business parks can be found on this page.

Energy transition at Arnhems Buiten

Maurice is the head of the Dutch energy advisory component of DNV. Through testing, consultation and certification, DNV are helping along the energy transition, together with partners such as Alliander and TenneT. This takes their activities all over the world: from Singapore to Africa to Europe. It’s no wonder then, that DNV has such an international team, with approximately 2300 employees worldwide. New talent is also developed through collaboration with technical universities, such as the HAN University of Applied Sciences. DNV even has three part-time professors at technical universities to further collaboration with academia. Maurice invites you to come to the electricity capital of the Netherlands: Arnhem!

Why Arnhem is the best location for Allego

Watch this video to listen to Allego’s Anja van Niersen (CEO) and Shehana Hussein (marketing director). Allego currently provides charging solutions in 8 European countries, but will soon be expanding to another 14 — vehicles don’t stop at borders and nor does Allego! Anja describes how an international team is the only logical choice when you want the best in an international market and why Arnhem is the best choice for the company as well as its employees. Shehana gives a first-hand account of the Allego’s open culture and describes how colleagues become family.

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Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Nijmegen is the largest city of the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Foodvalley area (approx. 170,000 inhabitants) and is located in the South of the region. It's an important hub for the health and high-tech sector. It is home to the only academic hospital in the region, Radboudumc. Radboudumc's Business Development Team stimulates and negotiates research collaborations, and provides support in the creation of spin-off companies with technologies from Radboudumc. The prominent Novio Tech Campus is another vital facility in Nijmegen. The campus offers state-of-the-art research infrastructure and accommodation for more than 70 entrepreneurs and researchers in the life sciences, health and high-tech sectors. And there is plenty of room for growth.

NXP and the Novio Tech Campus

Meet Rosalie Lelieveld! She works for semiconductor company NXP as HR manager. NXP has a highly international labour force and they want to make sure that their international colleagues feel right at home. Listen to Rosalie describing the right attitude for success in NXP as well as Dutch society in general, the growing community on the Novio Tech Campus and the fun she has with her colleagues!

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Wageningen, the Netherlands

Wageningen is much smaller than the other two cities (it has a population of around 40,000 people) and located in a more rural area. Still, it has a very successful academic university (Wageningen University & Research), with a pronounced agricultural bend. Partially thanks to this fact, Wageningen has become the 'Foodvalley' region. It is a global frontrunner in innovation in the agricultural sector and food industry. Together with companies and Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen is developing the World Food Center (WFC). The WFC is starting to become a household name and is therefore a major contributor to developments in the Foodvalley. At the WFC, businesses, consumers and knowledge institutions get to exchange knowledge and create new solutions. Visitors experience how food is produced, processed, transported and eaten. Everyone will experience the power of the Dutch food value chain at the WFC. Businesses and knowledge institutions inspire one another with the latest technologies and food innovations. At WFC, everything to do with food can be experienced interactively, so you can make your innovations much more palpable to consumers.

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