International Student Associations

Our student community is incredibly diverse, with over 4,000 international students from over 100 countries. Find friends from a similar background or meet people from different cultures by joining one of our many international student associations. Student associations offer students a social place next to their studies.


Nijmegen is the largest of the three cities with a population of approx. 170,000 people. It has a large academic university as well as a large university of applied sciences, which it shares with Arnhem. Because of these, the student life is arguably more active than in Arnhem.


Wageningen is much smaller than the other two cities ( population of around 40,000 people) but is home to a highly successful academic university. This allows the city centre to be way more vibrant than you would expect from such a small town. Its rural surroundings are ideal for the agricultural foundation of the university and make for an attractive place to live. 


Arnhem is Gelderland's capital and accommodates different universities of applied sciences, but no academic universities. Arnhem has a population of approx. 160,000 people. The city centre is vibrant, with an inspiring artsy vibe due to the influence of ArtEZ.