Get in touch with locals and other internationals

We've compiled as much information for your as possible. Still, it might be nice to get in touch with people who are in a similar situation as yourself. How did they take care of certain affairs when they moved to the Netherlands? To easily connect with these people, we've created a Facebook community. Here, anyone can pose questions regarding the goings-on in our region.

Facebook Page

On the general page of the community, practical details and updates from around the region are shared. It also provides information about living in the Netherlands. 


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Expats in Arnhem, Nijmegen, Wageningen

We use our expat page to share information that's interesting to knowledge workers. Think of the great developments in the region or interesting job vacancies from our partners. We invite everyone to join this group.

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Students in Arnhem, Nijmegen, Wageningen

On the student page we share information that's specifically aimed at students. These sites also contain links to other practical online sources, like university or student association websites.

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The Road Trip Club
The Road Trip Club The Road Trip Club offers a variety of exciting day and weekend trips, including: Hiking in Germany, a journey through The Veluwe by bicycle or kayaking in the Belgian Ardennes and many more. Check out upcoming trips
Dutch Locals
Dutch Locals Dutch Locals supports the connection between international- and local people by providing an overview of social activities, events and services. Check out upcoming activities