Welcome Programme and One-Stop-Shop

The Lifeport Welcome Center offers a Welcome Programme with many benefits for incoming expats, including a One-Stop-Shop service for your government procedures. You can read about the package, benefits, and costs here.

Please note that there is a fee for this programme.

Welcome Programme

The Lifeport Welcome Center offers a Welcome Programme for incoming expats. This programme includes:

  • Welcome package
  • Welcome meeting with hospitality team (in person, +/- 30 minutes)
  • Participation in lecture series ‘Introduction to the Netherlands’
  • Participation in tours of Nijmegen
  • Information meeting ‘Dutch health insurance’
  • Information meeting ‘Dutch income tax return’
  • Information desk for referral to additional information


Additionally, Lifeport Welcome Center offers you the opportunity to use the on-site free of charge one-stop-shop of government services (registration BRP and providing BSN, receiving residence permit, providing biometric data, receiving residence endorsement sticker) in combination with the welcome meeting.

The Lifeport Welcome Center does not offer One-Stop-Shop appointments separately from the Welcome Programme.

Fees and payment

From August 1st onwards we will be charging a fee for welcome programme appointments made at Lifeport Welcome Center, in order to ensure the quality and continuity of the Lifeport Welcome Centre’s services. The fee for the welcome programme is €150 per employee (€250 per employee as per January 1, 2024).

Information about payment

  • The person scheduling the appointment agrees to be responsible for the payment of the appointment.
  • The payment will be done by invoice. One of our staff members will get in touch with you after the appointment has been scheduled to get your payment details
  • You can cancel the appointment at the latest two working days prior to the appointment free of charge, any cancellations within the two working days or no-show will be subject to payment of the welcome programme fee.

Free alternatives

We would like to point out the free alternatives that you can use:

  • Registration in the BRP via Municipality of Nijmegen at nijmegen.nl
  • Collecting residence permit via ind.nl
  • Providing biometric data via ind.nl
  • Receiving residence endorsement sticker via ind.nl

Schedule an appointment

To sign up for the Welcome Programme and schedule your Welcome meeting, IND and BRP registration appointments, send an e-mail to appointment@lifeportwelcomecenter.nl.

For more information, you can call +31 622 56 78 48 during opening hours

Opening hours

Monday, Friday: 10:00-16:00

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday9:00-17:00

Visiting Address

Geert Grooteplein Noord 9, 6525 EZ Nijmegen