Moving to the Netherlands

You have found your job, found agreement on the salary and you are ready to go. What next? What kind of documents are required? We are here to help you take this step.

New in the Netherlands brochure

The Dutch government provides the brochure 'New in the Netherlands' which describes all of the necessary actions you must undertake after arriving in the Netherlands. You can download the brochure in multiple languages. 

  • Do you originate from a country outside the European Union? And not from Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Croatia or Switzerland? Then this brochure is for you
  • Do you originate from within the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Croatia or Switzerland? And do you want to work and live in the Netherlands? Then this brochure is for you

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Immigratie en naturalisatiedienst, IND) will be your first contact point when you want to apply for a residence permit. This service is aimed at people who would like to live and work in the Netherlands, and manage every application and permits under these terms. The rules and procedures that apply to you depend on your specific situation. IND assists in carrying out immigration policies and decides on residence permit applications. Dutch immigration legislation allows residence permits to be awarded on the basis of multiple premises. Each premise/aim of residence has its own set of conditions. The Dutch government’s website provides an overview of the type of residence permits that are most suitable for professionals.

The English IND website provides an elaborate and up-to-date overview of all rules and procedures.