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Arnhem is an energetic hub in the region, with a strategic location halfway between the Randstad megalopolis and industrial Ruhr area.

Drone by Martijn Kriens

Drone by Martijn Kriens



Arnhem is an energetic hub in the region, with a strategic location halfway between the Randstad megalopolis and industrial Ruhr area. Its urban dynamic is reinforced by a green living environment and a powerful economic position. In Arnhem, large corporations, start-ups, young talent, and educational institutions collaborate to work towards a better future for us all.  Furthermore, Arnhem is well known for its trolleybuses, Olympic Sports Centre Papendal, and large crowd-pullers like Burgers’ Zoo and the Netherlands Open Air Museum with the Canon of the Netherlands. But Arnhem is so much more...

A greener living environment

Arnhem is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands, as is beautifully exemplified by its renowned Park Sonsbeek. And that's not all. Walk along the banks of the Rhine in Meinerswijk, through the largest floodplain park of Europe, or visit the hidden gardens in the bohemian Spijkerkwartier district.  City beach Stand Zuid offers a gorgeous view of Arnhem's historic city centre, including the Eusebius Church and John Frost Bridge.

An innovative network

The green nature of Arnhem is not just reflected in its natural surroundings. It's home to the most sustainable business park in the Netherlands, and urban distribution is provided by carbon-neutral logistics provider de Groene Rijders. Furthermore, Arnhem is a worldwide frontrunner when it comes to innovation in the energy sector. It therefore comes as no surprise that many important players in energy supply, clean mobility (hydrogen-solutions, electric charging infrastructure) and circular economy are located in Arnhem. Businesses and initiatives in the energy sector together form an extensive green network in the city and surrounding area. Prominent international companies such as DNV, DEKRA and Allego have their headquarters in Arnhem, alongside KEMA, TenneT and Alliander. Other companies from Arnhem specialising in energy-transition innovations are Nedstack, MTSA, HyET, Hymove and HyGear.

Source of creativity

Arnhem is home to ArtEZ University of the Arts, with study programmes in visual arts, theatre, and fashion. The fashion academy has a large part to play in attracting and developing design and fashion talent. Thanks to institutions and initiatives like the fashion academy, the ArtEZ arts programme, the Fashion & Design Festival Arnhem and Modekwartier (literally: Fashion Quarter), the transition to sustainable fashion is also well underway in Arnhem.

City with a rich history

When talking about Arnhem and history, most people will be thinking of WOII and the Battle of Arnhem. There is a lot more to Arnhem's history however, like European trade through the network of Hanseatic cities and the relocation of the river Rhine. Arnhem's history is currently being expressed in many ways: monumental buildings, archaeological sites and museums concerned with the important events in the city's story.

In conclusion: Arnhem is a great place to live, work, study and undertake entrepreneurial activities. It's a place where people are working towards a better future for everyone.

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