Short term stay

Every non-Dutch citizen (including citizens of the Schengen area) arriving in the Netherlands for work or study is required to register their presence in the Municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie personen or BRP). If you will be staying for less than four months, there is a special procedure for your registration: the ‘registration as a non-inhabitant’ (registratie niet ingezetenen or RNI).

If it is your first time in the Netherlands, you will need to register in-person. This type of registration does not require a home address in the Netherlands. You only need to bring your passport and your address in your home country. After registering, you will receive a citizen service number (Burgerservicenummer or BSN).

Making an appointment

To make an appointment in Nijmegen, please go to the municipalities website.

Appointment Location

Registration for RNI is not bound to a specific location. You can make an appointment for RNI at any RNI desk

List of RNI desks

When should I make the appointment?

It can take a few weeks to schedule an appointment with the RNI in Nijmegen. It is therefore advisable to make this appointment before arriving in the Netherlands.

If you will be staying in the Netherlands for longer than four months, you need to file for a long-term registration in your chosen city of residence.

Registration is mandatory

If you plan to live here for work or study purposes, you are required by Dutch law to register your presence within five days after arriving.