American agriculture minister compliments WUR

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is a collaboration between Wageningen University and the Wageningen Research foundation.

Climate-neutral agriculture is the way of the future. It therefore does not come as a surprise that there is a global interest in the innovative greenhouse horticulture complex of the Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Sonny Perdue, the American agriculture minister, recently visited the WUR to take a look at the greenhouse complex.

The politician's attention was caught by the fact that, after the US, the Netherlands is the largest exporter of agriculture in the world. How can a small country achieve so much? Perdue was not planning to visit the Netherlands, but his curiosity got the better of him: "At home in Georgia, there are multiple greenhouses in which fruit and vegetables are cultivated. Those greenhouses were built by Dutch people. Every time I had a question, I referred to 'the Dutch'.  Well, here I am. Credit where credit is due ‑ you are doing a great job.", said the American minister about the greenhouse complex of the WUR.

WUR and NEXTgarden for efficient agriculture

Hundreds of WUR staff members are researching efficient agriculture on a daily basis. A climate-neutral greenhouse ‑ free of fossil fuels and emissions ‑ is part of that research. The greenhouse complex doesn't just try to limit its use of crop protection product as much as possible; water is also being reused and there are experiments with LED lighting.

For some time now, the WUR has been researching greenhouses that meet sustainability demands when it comes to energy, water and emission of nutrients, and crop health. Together with its partners, the WUR is researching whether the goals of the Climate Agreement are feasible.

Within our region, NEXTgarden in the municipality of Lingewaard is also working on horticultural developments. Entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the government work together at NEXTgarden to make the production chain smarter, more sustainable, and more profitable. They are working on emission-free cultivation together.


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